The Accountants' RePublic

Becoming an Effective Presenter

ON DEMAND l Presenter: Viv Brownrigg I $250 + GST or $187.50 + GST for members l Suited to Partners, Senior Advisors & Firm Management

According to international surveys, the fear of public speaking rates closely behind the fear of death itself. Speaking in front of clients at seminars and events needn’t be that scary.

Join experienced presenter and toastmaster Viv Brownrigg, as she guides you and your advisory team through the fundamentals of effective public speaking and presenting:

  • Overcoming fear – get those butterflies flying in formation
  • Structuring your presentation logically for great flow
  • Speaking, introducing and MC’ing client events and seminars
  • The speaker’s toolkit: Tone and modulation, pausation, gestures and eye contact
  • Using speaker notes, PowerPoint and Prezi effectively

All attendees will receive video demonstrations on creating effective PowerPoint and Prezi presentations. 

About Viv 

Viv Brownrigg is the founder of The Accountants’ RePublic and a fellow of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants. Viv is one of New Zealand’s leading consultants to the accounting profession and has an extensive track record in business creation, transformation and succession.