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Farm Succession Planning

On Demand l $250 + GST or $187.50 + GST for Members Presenters: Craig Sanders Suited to Partners & Senior Advisors  

Recently highlighted in the headlines lack of good Farm Succession Planning can have devastating results for the families involved.

Farm Succession Planning is an opportunity for trusted advisors to increase engagement with their clients and to create a proactively stepped process achieving agreeable outcomes for all. This session couches the basic skills required to achieve this and provides key factors and tools to make this happen for you and your clients.  

What Craig will cover:

  • What is Farm Succession Planning
  • Advisor opportunities with Farm Succession Planning
  • Your role as Facilitator
  • What Farm Succession Planning should cover
  • The challenges faced by Farm Succession Planning & how to manage these
  • How to make Farm Succession Planning work positively for your clients
  • Systems and tools to assist with Farm Succession Planning  

You’ll receive:

  • Checklist for Farm Succession Planning
  • Basic Farm Succession Planning Template

About Craig  

A Partner in Waikato based firm Kelly & Bryant Chartered Accountants and Business Advisory, Craig specialises in Farm Succession Planning and believes there is no one size fits all solution . Craig challenges the preconceived ideas around farm succession planning and is becoming one of New Zealand's  leading voices in this specialised area.  

Craig's definition of successful succession planning for families is, “When Mum & Dad are gone, the rest of the family have Christmas lunch together, and they all still love each other”.