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Step 6 - How to Have Money Conversations

ON DEMAND l $225 + GST or $168.75 + GST for Members l Presenter: Trish Love I Suited to Partners & The entire accounting team

Trusted advisors need to be able to have pertinent money conversations. Learn how to frame these conversations, as well as navigate challenging issues. Improve the core money issues with your client, so you can help improve results with those who could benefit most.

Improve your skills, confidence and understanding so your money conversations can be authentic, compassionate and powerful. 

Key Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Understand why powerful, authentic money conversations are needed more than ever in today’s business environment
  • Learn to ‘frame’  conversations with clients, colleagues, suppliers, staff members, loved ones
  • Increase your self- awareness about your relationship with money 
  • Understand why people are challenged by money topics
  • Learn how to help remove your client’s ‘financial barriers’
  • Communicate key messages in a way your client will understand
  • Understanding  this information will equip you to learn step 7 of the CFO’s Growth Map

You’ll receive:

  • The  CFO’s Growth Map 9 Step Overview
  • Money communication templates to assist you with challenging conversations  
  • Copy of the powerpoint presentation

 About Trish  

Trish is the founder of Love to Grow, a company helping business owners create financial success and holistic wealth. She is a chartered accountant, a registered mentor, and a certified business coach, with over 25 years experience advising business owners. Trish regularly contributes to media and publications, and is the author of ‘Love to Grow – Remove Your Financial Barriers, Grow Your Wealth and Succeed in Your Business

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